The Legend of Zelda: Pre-order coming April 27th

Shipping Schedule

We know how exciting it is to pre-order yarn and then anxiously wait for the shipping email telling us it is finally on the way. To help keep you up to date with our progress, please refer to the information below.

Last updated March 26, 2024

We are currently dyeing a wholesale order and Coop Club  these were schedule to go out by this week but week need 1-2 more weeks to finish up for some personal issues. 

The last installment of Zelda Club labels are being printed in the next few days so keep your eye out for email. We apologize for the extended delay. 

In the dye pans:  Coop Club, wholesale

On deck: Chicken Pot Pie Sock Set

Drying/Washing/Finishing: Zelda Club Q4 

Completed and Shipped/Shipping: 



Legend of Zelda Full Collection will be available for pre-order April 27th.

Coop Club Q2: Preorder April 15th


If you have any questions or need assistance please email