May 4th at 8pm EST | THE CONSERVATORY: Curated Winter Box Pre-Order

Shipping Schedule

We know how exciting it is to pre-order yarn and then anxiously wait for the shipping email telling us it is finally on the way. To help keep you up to date with our progress, please refer to the information below.

Last updated May 16, 2023

We are currently dyeing Homestead Collection. We complete one colorway at a time. We start with the lightest and most popular colorways, then tonals and more variegated. Orders will be shipped as yarn is completed.

Completed Colorways: Limewash, Sourdough, Egg Basket, Cut Flowers, Queen Bee, Morning Dew, Slow Living, Rosemary, Honeycomb, Soil, My Favorite, Handmade, Sunbeam

Currently in the dye pans: **We are currently taking a short pause on Homestead Collection Pre-orders to prep for our Pop-Up shop on June 3rd.  Once dyeing for that is complete, Homestead will resume. Orders are still being fulfilled and shipped.

Up next: Homemade Jam, Tin Roof, Homestead and then  *Pi(e) Day colorways 

*Minis for sock sets will be last  



May 4th at 8pm EST- Winter Box and Countdown Pre-order  Ships early November 

Saturday, June 3rd- Pop-up Shop with Sassafras Knits in Lancaster, PA

Season 2 Quarter 2: Legend of Zelda Mystery Club. Scheduled to ship by June 30, 2023

July 1st- Season 2 Quarter 3: Legend of Zelda Mystery Club Pre-Order