Currently dyeing Comeback Collection Pre-orders and finishing Winter Boxes

Shipping Schedule

We know how exciting it is to pre-order yarn and then anxiously wait for the shipping email telling us it is finally on the way. To help keep you up to date with our progress, please refer to the information below.

Last updated November 20, 2023

We are currently dyeing a wholesale order and Comeback Collection. We are also working on finishing up our Conservatory Winter Boxes.

In the dye pans: Atlas

On deck: Black Water


Completed:  Lavender Latte, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sky, Café, Cassis Violette, Strawflower, Barbiecore


Conservatory Countdowns shipping by late November-early December 

Season 2 Quarter 4: Legend of Zelda Mystery Club to be shipped by mid January 2024